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Taylor Edwards, MSc, PhD

Conservation Biologist, Herpetologist, Geneticist

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99% of conservation is a social issue

As a scientist with a life-long passion for conservation I find the most joy in working on innovative and creative projects that have real-life applications. I try to achieve transdisciplinary outcomes through collaborations.


I pride myself on conducting collaborative research that spans academic institutions, federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and international borders. My work as a scientist ranges from measuring genetic diversity for the preservation of species to improving people’s lives through precision medicine at the AZClinCore. 


I ultimately seek to incorporate issues of social justice, public health and economic disparity into conservation solutions; to  truly practice and facilitate transdisciplinary research. I believe effective conservation requires thinking outside the box of specific disciplines and incorporating a wide variety of perspectives to address the rapid pace of environmental degradation.

In addition to scientific colleagues, I look to include artists, educators and anyone working toward these goals.

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